Fourth Grade of High School

English Test - Fourth Grade of High School – 1393                                                     Time: 20 minutes          



Part  A: Vocabulary and Grammar

Directions: Questions 1-10 are incomplete sentences. Beneath each sentence you will see four words or phrases, marked (a), (b), (c), and (d). Choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence. Then mark your answer sheet. For question 11, choose the WRONG sentence.


1 - Researchers have __________ a blood test to look for early signs of the disease.

a) annoyed                                         b) adapted            c) accessed                                                                             d) attached


2 - How much you're paid __________ how important you are to the company you work for.

a) reflects                                                                                                                  b) radiates                                                                                      c) reduces                                                                                              d) rattles


3 - This type of software is widely used in __________ .

a) injury                                                                                                                    b) issue                                                                                             c) instrument                                                                        d) industry


4 - Steel is a stronger __________ than iron.

a) mantle                                                                                                                  b) mineral                                                                                                        c) material                                                                             d) mass


5 - He says he’s doing it as a hobby, but I’m afraid it will soon get __________ .

a) available                                                                                                              b) artificial                                                                                      c) addictive                                                                            d) anxious


6 - Some broken branches __________ on the __________ of the water.

a) failed - slum                                                                                         b) floated - surface

c) feared - sample                                                                    d) forwarded - storm


7 - She had to obey her __________ , no matter what her __________ thoughts on the matter.

a) stamps - previous                                                                               b) stairs - public

c) strategies - popular                                                            d) superiors - private


8 - __________ I can't help admiring the man's fearlessness, I do not agree with his methods.

a) Although                                                                                                              b) Since                                                                                            c) Whereas                                                                                            d) As long as


9 -           The department is doing research into how to _________ diesel engines _________ fuel more efficiently.

a) allow - burn                                                                                         b) force - to burn

c) let - burn                                                                                                               d) make - burn


10 - A: He asked if he could come in and look around, and I said, “Why not?”

  B: Oh, you__________ have permitted him to do that. He __________ have taken something valuable.

a) mustn’t - should                                                                 b) shouldn’t - might

c) might not - must                                                                 d) should - might not


11 - Which sentence is grammatically WRONG ?

a) Learning is so basic that we seldom stop to analyze exactly what takes place.

b) It's such a tiny kitchen that she doesnot have to do much to keep it clean.

c) It's still too soon for us saying that the operation was a success.

d) They were unlucky enough to be caught in the flood.







English Test - Fourth Grade of High School – 1393                                                                       Time: 20 minutes                                                                                                                Page 2 0f 3


Part  B: Cloze Test

Directions: Questions 12-16 are related to the following passage. Read the passage and decide which choice (a), (b), (c), or (d) best fits each space. Then mark your answer sheet.


The process by which we store and retrieve information in our brains has been the (12) __________ of scientific research for many years. The brain is a highly (13) __________ organ that is not fully understood, and theories about how it works remain a topic of debate. It is generally agreed, though, that one area of the brain known as the hippocampus,(which is named after the Latin word for “seahorse’’ because of its curved (14) __________ ), is important in the process of recalling information. When we (15) __________ something, the information is sent via our senses to the hippocampus, (16) __________ it is processed.


12 -a) norm                                                                                                                          b) procedure                                                                                         c) pattern                                                                                                                              d) focus

13 -a) complex                                                                                                     b) fresh                                                                                                  c) brief                                                                                                                        d) domestic

14 - a) convent                                                                                                     b) posture                                                                                                             c) density                                                                                                                               d) shape

15 -a) collect                                                                                                                        b) experience                                                                                        c) manufacture                                                                                     d) stretch

16 -a) which                                                                                                                         b) when                                                                                                 c) where                                                                                                                 d) whatever



Part  C: Reading Comprehension

Directions: In this part of the test, you will read two passages. Passage 1 is followed by questions 17-20 and passage 2 by questions 21-25. Answer the questions by choosing the best choice (a), (b), (c), or (d). Then mark your answer sheet.



An ecosystem is a group of animals, plants, or other species living in a specific region and interacting with one another and with their physical environment. Ecosystems include physical and chemical components, such as soils, water, and nutrients. These components support the organisms living in the ecosystem. Ecosystems can also be thought of as the interactions among all organisms in a given habitat. These organisms may range from large animals to microscopic bacteria that work together in various ways. For example, one species may serve as food for another. But this is not the whole story. People are part of the ecosystems where they live and work. Therefore, their activities, such as housing developments and trash disposal, can greatly harm or even destroy local ecosystems. Because of this, scientists believe that proper ecosystem management is essential for the overall health and variety of our planet. Indeed, it is a must to find efficient solutions if we are going to protect local ecosystems without hindering economic development.


17 - The word this (in line 6) refers to __________ .

a) plant-animal interactions

b) various relationships within the environment

c) relationships among all of the species living in a specific region

d) different interactions bteween large animals and microscopic bacteria


18 - According to the passage __________ .

a) unsuitable ecosystem handling can have a negative impact on the overall health of the environment

b) human activities such as housing will surely put all local ecosystems in danger of extinction

c) it isn’t possible to protect local ecosystems without disturbing economic development

d) trash disposal is the most efficient way for saving the variety of our planet


19 - An ecosystem can be defined as __________ .

a) a particular place where a group of animals and plants live together

b) a region in which different organisms should support one another and the physical environment

c) a group of living organisms and their physical environment which is highly protected by human beings

d) a group of living organisms, their physical environment, and their interrelationships in a particular area

English Test - Fourth Grade of High School – 1393                                                                       Time: 20 minutes                                                                                                                Page 3 0f 3

20 - What is the role of the physical and chemical components of the ecosystems ?

a) Protecting part of the existing ecosystems

b) Supporting the organisms in a given habitat

c) Serving as food for some species of the ecosystem

d) Interacting with most of the living things in the environment



A pedicab is a small cab which is pulled by a bicycle. This vehicle, which is also known by a variety of other names such as bike taxi, velotaxi, cyclo, cycle rickshaw, beca, etc., was built in the 1880s and was first used with regularity starting in 1929 in Singapore. Nowadays, it is widely used in major cities around the world, but most commonly in cities of South, Southeast and East Asia. Although this small-scale local means of transport could be a good addition to the total transportation system in many cities, it is used primarily for its entertaining value, i.e., as an amusing form of transportation for tourists and locals.

Pedicabs are used in different places and at large events nationwide. For example, in many major cities of the United States, they can be seen rolling about city centers, nightlife districts, park lands, sports stadiums, and tourist-heavy areas. They are also used for car-park-to-event transport. Anyway, various laws regulate their use in different areas.

The drivers of pedicabs are usually people with strong legs and friendly personalities. They pay the owner $15 to $25 to rent a pedicab for a night. He expects them to keep the cab in good condition. A typical driver earns about as much as he would by working as a waiter. He can keep all the money he is paid. One pedicab driver said that he feels like a businessman because he often earns a good wage and he is his own boss, as well.

What else is there about these human-powered vehicles ? According to one of the officials of New York's Manhattan Rickshaw Company, passengers have an entirely different urban experience when they ride in a pedicab. In addition, as experts say, pedicabs can have environmental benefits and may be quicker than other forms of transport if traffic congestion is high. And finally, the good news is that they won’t take the place of taxis because people use them for short rides.


21 - The word  rent  in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to __________ .

a) devote                                                                                                                   b) transfer                                                                             c) construct                                                                                         d) hire


22 - A typical pedicab driver __________ .

a) has to work in hard conditions like a waiter

b) feels like a businessman because he is his own boss

c) can be proud of himself because he can have a high income to support his family

d) is not worried about high traffic congestion because he works in short distances


23 - The best title for this passage can be __________ .

a) passengers’ Great Excitement in Pedicabs

b) Pedicab: an Amusing Form of Transportation

c) Pedicab: a Quicker Form of Urban Transportation

d) Pedicaps Popularity among the Tourists and Locals


24 - According to the passage __________ .

a) velotaxi is a small-scale local means of transport

b) beca is kind of bicycle used for pulling a small cab

c) cycle rickshaw is any type of vehicle which is used for short rides

d) human-powered transport is the transport of persons using cyclos


25 - Which statement about pedicabs is NOT true ?

a) Pedicabs were first used in Asia in the first half of the 20th century

b) Pedicabs can help decrease the amount of greenhouse gases released into the air

c) The owners of the pedicabs expect passengers to keep the cabs in good condition

d) Various laws regulate the use of pedicabs in different areas such as sports stadiums and park lands

معادل لصطلاح " خسته نباشید"

شاید یکی از رایج ترین سوالاتی که هر معلم زیان در ابتدای هر ترم ممکن است با آن مولجه بشود اصطلاح خسته نباشید است. 

برای ترجمه این اصطلاح ابتدا باید دید که ما در چه جاهایی و به چه منظوری از آن استفاده می کنیم و سپس آن را ترجمه کنیم.

ادامه مطلب: معادل لصطلاح " خسته نباشید"